Hero Banner with Video

Teaser (Homepage Hero)

BETH TO modify all of the below... start with Teaser .. modify home page 


When to Use

A teaser/homepage hero is a large feature element at the top of the homepage or landing page. Currently, Estate uses a gradient overlay, but a color box, like the one used for Nemours.org, is also available for use.

Use the hero to help guide traffic to a main CTA (contact us, plan a visit, buy a ticket, etc.) and set the style or tone for the page. You can update it for seasonal campaigns or major announcements. Text should be minimal to showcase the main CTA.


  • No container needed.
  • Variations include text positioning and hero layout.
  • Estate typically uses the black gradient overlay.

Content Requirements

  • Character limits:
    • Main title: 40 characters maximum (with spaces) using title case
    • Body text: 200 characters or fewer (with spaces)
  • CTAs: One button. 
    • Button text should be concise (aim for three words or fewer)
    • Lead with action (learn, view, see, find, read, etc.)
    • Use title case for all CTAs
  • Notes: If content/image variation is required, please reach out to member of the design team. <<BETH: IS THIS REFERRING TO CHANGING THE IMAGE LIKE IF THEY NEED MORE SPACE FOR CONTENT?

Design Requirements

Quirks & Reminders

  • You can hide the star embellishments.
    • To hide the stars: Wrench > Styles Tab > Styles > None